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· 10 min read

Service API

In this section we will build our service API. It's responsible to receive direct user request, check permissions and if authorized, read and modify files on our gitlab repository.

We will use python as the API language, but as explained before, you could use any language you want that can be built to receive and process HTTP requests. To make things a little faster, will be used FastAPI framework. We will try to keep things as simple as possible for the demo, and some funtions may have some minor issues, but on your journey to build a production API you should take more cautions and make things as secure as possible.

After building the API, users should be able to access it using user/pass and view or change information from their WAN site.

All files generated on this section (and on previous) are on full-stack automation github repo (, so you don't need to create it yourself again.